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Rainy Screen Saver 2.22

Rainy Screen Saver Very realistic rain screensaver that will impress your friends and colleagues. Complex lighting and optic models were used to produce the look and feel of the rain flowing down the window glass. Realistic raindrops and occasional lightning strikes create unique rainy mood. Dozens of options and fantastic sound will keep you enjoying the screen saver forever.
Download Details: Rainy Screen Saver
File Size:732 KB
Price:US$ 14.95
Order:Buy Now
Download:Download Now
Download ID:12160006
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:03-29-2005

You can run the screensaver over your desktop or your favorite pictures. It is possible to create a list of pictures that Rainy Screensaver will load one by one during each launch as wallpapers and will use them to run the rain. Pictures can be preloaded in a random or specified order. There's also an option that makes the screensaver to change pictures during a single run after some specified period of time has passed.


  • Adjustable sound volume of the rain and lightning claps.

  • Overall speed of the screensaver you can change as you like.

  • Customizable wind direction.

  • Adjustable delay between lightning strikes.

  • Random lightning color mode.

  • Optional lightning effect with bolts and flashes.

  • Gradual increase of the density to simulate the rain gaining its strength drop by drop.

  • Customizable color of lightning bolts.

  • Automatic restart of the screensaver after some specified amount of time.

  • Adjustable density of the rain.

  • Variable screen resolution.

  • Interrupting screensaver by mouse/keyboard, just keyboard.

  • Customizable minimum and maximum size of the drops you would like to see.

  • The maximum CPU load produced by the screensaver. You can adjust it other CPU-hungry applications running in the background.

  • A list of your favorite wallpapers that are preloa

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