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Aston shell Aston shell
Unlike many competing products, you do not have to have an expensive powerful computer to run Aston. Combining high speed and eye-candy it consumes less RAM, than default Windows shell and needs few processor resources.
FlashTask FlashTask
The fastest and easiest Windows Task Manager, Task Scheduler to start all of your favorite programs! It can search out your programs, files, web sites and email addresses in a second.
MouseClock MouseClock
MouseClock becomes part of your mouse pointer and provides you with the information you need in a novel way.
Desktop Notes Desktop Notes
Desktop Notes is a program that will allow you to post notes on your Windows desktop. These notes won't intefere with your other activities on your PC cause they stick to the desktop.
StickyNote StickyNote
Sticky Note - StickyNote 9.0 is the most popular virtual notes program in the world. Create beautiful, photo-realistic 3D notes on your desktop and send them to friends instantly. You have more information to remember than ever. Passwords. Phone
Active Desktop Active Desktop
Active Desktop is the additive to Windows which expands standard graphic opportunities of display of the information on a desktop of your computer.
Access Folders Access Folders
Access Folders is a very convient handy tool that saves you time as well as a lot of mouse-clicks when opening and saving files. You may consider this function a great convenience.
Skin Clock Skin Clock
SkinClock replaces standard tray clock and successfully blends with OS interface adding it and giving professionally designed modern look.
GeekAlarm! GeekAlarm!
GeekAlarm! is a simple yet powerful ergonomic solution for helping prevent repetitive strain injury, carpel tunnel syndrome, and computer vision syndrome. Its purpose is to prompt (and enforce) a computer user to take periodic breaks.
Active Captions Active Captions
Active Captions is a handy utility that extends window's caption buttons with additional features. Right mouse button click on minimize button minimizes the window into the System Tray. Click with right mouse button on window's Maximize.

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