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Enable Virtual Desktop 1.0

enable Virtual Desktop is the ultimate virtual desktop manager for Windows. It provides you with an unlimited number of virtual desktops. A mini-window displays a miniaturized overview of all windows allowing you to select the active desk as well as moving windows between virtual desks. The mini-window appearance can be totally configured (colors/textures/fonts/icons/borders). Each virtual desktop can be configured with its own color-scheme and wallpaper.
Download Details: Enable Virtual Desktop
File Size:3.64 MB
Price:US$ 19.95
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Download ID:12180002
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:01-19-2003


  • Create different shaped desktops by changing the number of rows and columns and switch from one desk to another FAST, using hotkeys or mouse.

  • Configure different wallpaper/patterns/colors for each virtual desktop.

  • Switch desks quickly using drag switching - just drag your mouse to the desk boundary and enable Virtual Desktop will switch to the next desk.

  • Navigate around your virtual desktops as if they were one single continuous desktop, using drag sliding.

  • Assign rules for windows, such as: make window "sticky" (appears in all virtual desks) and Set enable Virtual Desktop up to be as compatible as possible with windows with which it does not work well.

  • Specify in which desk a window should start; Specify the position in which a window should start; Specify the initial size of a window; Specify whether a window should start as an icon; and Specify the number of times a rule should be run (so you can set different rules for the same window).

  • Re-apply all your window rules at any time, so you can re-organize your desktop FAST and scroll through all your open windows quickly and easily using the enable Virtual Desktop Window Selector.

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