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Software for converting MPEG to MP4 to be played on Pocket PC.

MP4 is the global file extension for the official container format defined in the MPEG-4 standard (ISO 14496-14) MP4 is streamable and supports all kinds of multimedia content (multiple audio-, video-, subtitlestreams, pictures, variable-framerates, -bitrates, -samplerates...) and advanced content (officially called "Rich Media" or "BIFS") like 2D and 3D animated graphics, user interactivity, DVD-like menus... - next to nothing handled by the often used AVI.

Compared with the well-know MP3, people have limited knowledge about MP4. People often take it for granted that MP4 is the next generation of MP3 concluded by their superficial appearances. In fact, MP4 is much more complicated than MP3 and there are many differences between them. Though they both belong to network music formats, they represent completely different audio compression technologies and formats.

MP3 is short of MPEG1 layer 3, an audio compression technology completely open to the mass. MP4, combining audio MPEG2 AAC and video MPEG4 together, is the generation of anti-piracy. It enjoys many advantages that MP3 is unable to compare with. Such as higher compression ratio, better audio quality, and special digital watermark technology.

As to MPEG, it is defined by ISO Group, demonstrating a set of standards used for coding audiovisual information (i.e., movies, music, and video) in a digital compressed format. With the popularity of Pocket PC, we'd like to convert movie mpeg format to MP4 to be played on Pocket PC.

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