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AirXonix 1.0

AirXonix Game is an ultra modern 3-dimensional remake of the famous AirXonix game. In the older AirXonix game you controlled a device, which moved over a field with several monster-balls wandering inside. The objective was to cut the balls away from as much spare field as possible.

The rules of AirXonix Game are almost the same, except the device you control is flying in the air and everything is in full 3D! The stunning special effects are strengthened by 3D sound!
Download Details: AirXonix
File Size:2.24 MB
Price:US$ 14.00
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Download ID:13100010
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:03-15-2004

New types of monsters and a slew of different bonuses all displayed in full 3D bring the old game to an entirely new level.

The complete AirXonix Game distribution includes 5 types of games with more then 80 levels. The rules are simple and the AirXonix game will give unforgettable pleasure to people of any age!

AirXonix Game Rules and Key Features:

  • You operate a flying device which moves above the surface of the game field. Your task is to fill in as much of the game field as you can. To fill in the field, you fly above an area with no balls in it, being sure not to let the balls hit the line you are making until you have reached the other side of the empty space.

  • Avoid contact with the mines, which move on filled areas. Each level has a time limit. Some bonuses you collect will give you extra lives, points, and time. Others will slow down all balls and enemies.

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