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MagicBeads 1.0

MagicBeads The score grows incredibly when you remove more blocks at the time. For example for 5 blocks removed you get 10 times more score than for 3! We suggest the following strategy: build the combinations where more blocks removed at one drop. The game stops when the field is filled and there is no room for the new figure to appear. The score table saves up to 30 top scores.
Download Details: MagicBeads
File Size:431 KB
Price:US$ 20.00
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Download ID:13100025
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:12-05-2003

You can adjust game settings according to your taste.

In the Options menu you can:

* select appearance (skin) of the falling blocks
* select background of the game window
* redefine keys
* enable/disable "Advanced Drop Key" option
* enable/disable showing next figure
* enable/disable sound
* select language of the game interface

How to play?

* To start new game click on the Start button of press F2 key.
* To rotate colors use Arrow Up and Arrow Down or 5 and 8 NumPad keys (the NumLock must be on).
* To move falling figure or figure bits use Arrow Left and Arrow Right or 4 and 6 NumPad keys (the NumLock must be on).
* Use Space or Ctrl keys to drop figure.
* You can pause game with Right Shift, Pause key, P key or clicking on Pause button. To continue the playing hit any key or click anywhere in the game window.
* ESC works as a "boss mode" key. It minimizes the game window into the task bar.

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