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Arkanoid: The Virtual Isles 1.0

The main difference between this game and the usual Arkanoid lies in the length of every isle-stage. By breaking through the blocks you're to climb higher and higher. Many new obstacles appear on your way to the top.

Broken blocks make more credits available. By utilizing them you can purchase the additional devices for your Block hunter. They can be used while passing a stage.
Download Details: Arkanoid: The Virtual Isles
File Size:3.60 MB
Price:US$ 14.95
Order:Buy Now
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Download ID:13140041
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:08-03-2004

To activate them just press 1-0 buttons depending on the number of a pocket - where the needed item is contained. Bonus balls also can be bought in a shop for the credits.

Advantages of the full version:

  • Unique vertical scrolling

  • Posibility to buy special items for paddle

  • Non violent game for all ages

  • 100 levels

  • Saving and Loading game

  • 20 tipes of special items

  • Cheat codes

  • Moving blocks

Additional information:
  • Cheat Codes:

  • Just type it while playing.

  • ball - Addition ball.

  • fire - Powerful cannon.

  • littlebomb - Explodes all blocks in range of 4-5 blocks.

  • bigbomb - Explodes all blocks in range of 8-10 blocks.

  • chenchen - Ball and board are connected by band.

  • shadow - Shows shadow from ball and board.

  • iambig - Increase your wigth by 50%.

  • gotome - Ball teleports on board.

  • invisible - All blocks become hidden.

  • magnet - Attract credits.

  • brother - Split your primary ball into two parts.

  • fullthrottle - Increase speed of active balls.

  • breaking - Decrease speed of active balls.

  • stay - Pause in movement.

  • getout - Create special waves, that scare the enemies.

  • asteroid - Gives power to your ball to penetrate throught the blocks.

  • sight - Makes you able to aim correctl

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