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The Last Sorceror 1.0

One day, after many decades, your retirement is shattered by signs of an old, familiar danger: the Demons have returned! You return to find the Order slaughtered, monstrous creatures roaming the landscape, and humanity on the run!

It is your duty to regain your former power and stop the Demon scourge. You are the Last Sorceror!
Download Details: The Last Sorceror
File Size:29.3 MB
Price:US$ 14.95
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Download ID:13140101
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:07-19-2006

The Last Sorceror Game Key Features :
  • Fast-action gameplay with a dual-axis ("Robotron") control scheme for independent moving and firing controls, providing maximum combat efficiency.

  • 33 different spells to learn. Hurl fireballs, walk on water, and suspend time itself on your way to victory!

  • Numerous spellcasting strategies and interactions to discover. Every spell can be devastating to the enemy in the right situation!

  • Relentless enemy hordes composed of a more than a dozen distinct Demon species, each with its own behavior, strengths, weaknesses, idioms, likes, dislikes, and general flights of fancy.

  • Varied arena types, including areas of grass, forest, and foothills.

  • Nasty surprises that change the rules of the arena to keep you on your toes.

  • Story mode (1P): Build your character's magical mastery, find new spells, and manage your resources to become the ultimate spellcasting machine.

  • Smash mode (1P or 2P): Forget about character development!

  • Randomly generated maps and arenas, for a different game experience every time.

  • Flexible control system. Move with the joystick and fire with the keyboard, or move with the keyboard and fire with the mouse, or move and fire with two joysticks or

  • Adjustable and self-adjusting difficulty.

  • Available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X!

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