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Mahjong Towers Eternity The 3rd installment of award-winning Mahjong Solitaire series! Choose from 3 play modes. Create tile sets & backdrops. Make layouts that can be shared with others. Chat with players using in-game messaging. New items are continuously being added, & each time Eternity is updated.
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    TriJinx TriJinx combines classic gameplay mechanics with an elegant and dynamic rotating game board, evoking the hypnotic charm of Tetris or Collapse but adding action, speed and dynamic beauty. Match triangles and clear colors as you help Kristine Kross to find her missing father and escape.
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Chainz 2: Relinked Re-enter the exciting realm of link-matching madness with Chainz 2: Relinked, the thrilling sequel to last year's smash hit, Chainz. Jam-packed with 200 levels in two original game modes, and introducing two all new game modes and awesome new power-ups.
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  Hexalot As Merlin, King Arthurs most trusted advisor, it is up to you to build bridges across treacherous puzzlescapes, and bring the Knights of the Round Table back to Hexalot! Experience ever-changing levels with thousands of solutions! There are two challenging gaming modes and three difficulty levels.
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WordJong The goal here is to remove letter tiles from a word puzzle by spelling words with them. Clear out enough word puzzles, and earn a fortune! Choose from three modes of game play--Classic, Versus, or Link-- and you'll be spelling to your heart's content for hours-on-end.
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  Ancient TriJong The fantastic new game that blends the best of both worlds: Tripeaks' and Mahjong. This game features two game modes, Quest and Survival - in the former, it's up to you to complete all the levels and make your way around the map; in the latter, choose from three levels in 150 levels of game play.
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Bejeweled for Windows Game   Bookworm Deluxe Game
Bejeweled for Windows GameBejeweled for Windows is a windows version of Bejeweled (also known as Diamond Mine) that you can play on your PC any time you want.More...   Bookworm Deluxe GameBookworm Deluxe The Deluxe version offers onscreen definitions, words up to 12 letters in length, super new sound and graphics, and the all-new Action mode! More...
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Cubis Gold Game   Zuma CD Game
Cubis Gold GameCubis Gold's unique 3D board engages the player with colorful cubes that must be removed against the clock by matching three or more in a row, vertically or horizontally, not diagonally. More...   Zuma CD Game - Zuma Deluxe GameZuma CD - Control the stone frog idol of the ancient Zuma in this thrilling action puzzler. Fire balls to make sets of three, but don't let them reach the golden skull or you're history . More...
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Dropheads Game   Jewel Quest Game
Dropheads GameDropheads with hilarious animations keep falling from the top and you should clear them before they get too high. Expect the situation getting a bit more complicated when various special elements appear, so think twice before you make your next step... More...   Jewel Quest GameGrab your gear, you're about to embark on a one of a kind puzzle adventure. With the help of your Jewel Quest journal, the wisdom of ancient scripts and your puzzle expertise you will discover the fabled Tonatiuh - The Temple of the Fifth Sun. More...
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Super Bounce Out! Game   Mad Caps Game
Super Bounce Out! GameSuper Bounce Out! is an excellent puzzle game. Click to line up similar balls in rows of three or more. Clear as many balls as you can before time runs out. More...   Mad Caps GameFrom the warped minds that brought you Chainz comes Mad Caps, a puzzle game gone MAD! Send bottle caps flying with every move to get your fill of tasty soda. More...
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Magic Inlay Game   Insaniquarium Deluxe Game
Puzzle Magic Inlay GameMagic Inlay Game - Following in the graceful footsteps of Puzzle Magic Inlay Game, we bring you MAGIC INLAY GAME. Choose from three fantasy environments inhabited by magical creatures to challenge your jewel arrangement skills. More...   Insaniquarium Deluxe GameFeed fish! Fight aliens! It's the craziest aquarium you've ever seen in this spectacular action-puzzle adventure from the makers of Bejeweled, Bookworm, and Zuma. Buy fish, upgrade your weaponsre this captivating underwater world. More...
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Chainz Game   Fiber Twig Game
Chainz GameChainz Game - Un-chain your brain with CHAINZ! Rotate colorful links to create valuable chains in this challenging puzzle game. Set up chain-reactions and incorporate bonus links for increased rewards. More...   Fiber Twig GameFiber Twig Game : Give free rein to your imagination in the fantasy forest full of puzzles and mysteries. Connect cute little twigs to restore the original pattern, which was destroyed by the hurricane...More...
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Bejeweled 2 Game   DiamondMine Game
Bejeweled 2 GameTake the classic game of gem-swapping to euphoric new heights! Bejeweled 2features four unique ways to play. Solve handcrafted brain teasers in puzzle mode, match gems while up against the clock, or kick back, relax and enjoy endless mode.More...   diamondmine_deluxe_gameThe rules are simple: just switch any two adjacent gemstones to make a row of 3 or more of the same type. They'll disappear and new gems will fall in from above. But can you master the art of cascading combos for mega points? More...
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Funny Faces Game   Luxor Puzzle Game
Funny Faces GameFunny Faces Game - Pop balls and spin the crazy faces in this colorful puzzle popper! Includes four different game modes to give both beginners and advanced players a challenging gameplay. More...   Luxor Puzzle Game As addictive as it is exciting, Luxor is an action-puzzle game that takes you on a thrilling adventure across the lands of Ancient Egypt. The mysterious goddess, Isis, has enlisted you to battle Set and his evil minions. More...
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Mummy Maze Deluxe Game   Power Chips Game
Mummy Maze Deluxe GameMummy Maze Deluxe Outwit the menacing Mummy and claim the treasures of the Pyramids! The PC conversion of the hit web puzzler features the brand new Adventure mode, spectacular new graphics and sound, and nearly 10,000 all-new mazes. More...   Power Chips GamePower Chips Game is an action puzzle game with all the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas. Eliminate groups of 3 or more matching chips from the game board to increase your score. Play the special bonus chips to push your winnings into the stratosphere! More...
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Puzzle Express Game   Pharaohs' Curse Gold Game
Puzzle Express GameTravel across the country loading up the Puzzle Express with beautiful pictures! You'll need to grab the colorful puzzle pieces and place them together to fill up the train cars.More...   Pharaohs' Curse Gold GamePharaohs' Curse Gold is a platform game mixed with cool puzzle elements. Use drills, hammers, picks and shovels to break the tiles that guard the gold. When you collect all the gold in a given level... More...
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TipTop Deluxe Game   Big Money Deluxe
TipTop Deluxe GameTipTop Deluxe is hip, daddy-o! Play the swingingest new puzzle game from PopCap, with plenty of Fifties style and Vegas pizazz. Match and clear all the slot symbols, use magnets... More...   Big Money DeluxeBig Money Deluxe Greed is good in this PC version of the web puzzle hit! Grab all the coins you can in Action, Strategy, or Puzzle modes, and save your high scores and work your way up through the ranks...More...
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High Roller Game   Treasure Fall Game
High Roller GameHigh Roller Game is an action puzzle game with a classic 1950's muscle car theme. Align 3 or more matching dice to score points and push the pedal to the metal to win speed bonuses. Throw in the bonus dice for even higher payoffs! More...   Treasure Fall GameIt is a classic item matching game that anyone can play. Uncover the secrets of the enchanted treasure and use them to cast powerfull magical spells for bigger rewards. Beautiful art and sound crafted into gameplay that takes hold the first time you play. More...
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The Goobs Game   Shape Shifter Game
The Goobs GameThe Goobs is a great arcade puzzle game that will really provide you with hours of game playing fun. Take control of the goobs, and guide them safely through each of the platforms towards the exit tunnel, collecting the red and blue energy balls along the way. More...   Shape Shifter GameShape Shifter Game - Ladies and Gentlemen, Children Of All Ages, Shape Shifter beckons you to a delightful convergence of action, intrigue and fun. Drag shapes into matching shape cutouts. Clear the screen before time runs out. More...
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Professor Fizzwizzle Game   Chuzzle Deluxe Game
Professor Fizzwizzle GameThe Professor Fizzwizzle is a fun, mind-expanding puzzle game, where you take control of the diminutive genius, Professor Fizzwizzle. More...   Chuzzle Deluxe GameThe Googly-eyed little balls of fur that giggle, squeak, and sneeze as you push them across the board! Rainbow, Giant, and Super Chuzzles! More...
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Word Shark for Windows   Shroomz
Word Shark for WindowsA word finding game that features a local dictionary to validate words. In single player mode you race against time to find as many words as possible from a grid of letters. More...   ShroomzGuide your heroine, Bashful, through a mystical underworld to rescue her lost puppy. With over 30 levels, exciting twists, and beautiful graphics, this game will enchant and electrify you. More...
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MoleculousJoin forces with the world renowned Dr. Von Leakentube and discover the formula for Cold Fusion before the world's energy supply disappears. More...  
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