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SpyFighter SpyFighter
SpyFighter Cleaner Pro consists of two very powerful software modules that will take care of the security of your computer and safety of your private information. It takes care of fast and reliable cleaning of the information left behind by Windows
PC Tools AntiVirus PC Tools AntiVirus
With PC Tools AntiVirus you are protected against the most nefarious cyber-threats attempting to gain access to your PC and personal information. Going online without protection against the latest fast-spreading virus and worms.
LOOK 'TROJAN' STOP is trojan horse virus remover used to scan and remove trojan horses, viruses, and spyware from your PC, and protect your PC. You can remove trojan horses, viruses, and spyware from your PC and prevent unwanted software.
Spyware Doctor Spyware Doctor
Spyware Doctor - spy doctor spyware detector is a multi-award winning spyware detector and removal utility that detects and cleans thousands of potential spyware, adware, trojans, keyloggers, spybots and tracking threats from your PC.
SpyNoMore SpyNoMore
SpyNoMore is a powerful security and personal privacy tool that detects and eliminates destructive pests like trojans, spyware, adware and hacker tools. It complements your anti-virus software.
Anti Trojan Shield Anti Trojan Shield
The purpose of Anti-Trojan Shield is to detect and fix a problem by remov Trojan Horse Virus completely. Wide variety of settings, intuitive interface, and a huge Trojan Horse Virus definitions database.
SpyCatcher SpyCatcher
Spyware adware is invisible to you, to anti-virus and to firewalls. It reports your every move to advertisers and hackers. Spyware adware throws popups onto your screen even when you're not surfing.
BPS Spyware   Adware  Remover BPS Spyware Adware Remover
BPS Spyware Adware Remover, search and destroy Adware Spyware Trackware Thiefware Big Brotherware Key loggers Trojans Viruses and Browser Hijackers, Dialers, Mal Ware from your PC, a super Adware Spyware cleaner for you !
Registry Mechanic Registry Mechanic
With Registry Mechanic 5.2 - Registry Cleaners you can safely clean and repair Windows registry problems with a few simple mouse clicks! Problems with the Windows registry are a common cause of Windows crashes and error messages.
Desktop Armor Desktop Armor
Desktop Armor watches dozens and dozens of important settings on your computer and warns you if any program has changed them.Desktop Armor watches your computer for changes, immediately notifying you.

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