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Drug Wars - Underworld 1.0

Drug Wars - Underworld is a re-imagination of the classic MS-DOS game of buying and selling, is a game where you play the role of drug dealer. Your goal is to make as much money as possible in the time allowed through buying and selling. Along the way you face challenges from loan sharks, gangs, mafia enforcers and the cops. this new re-imagination is even more addictive than the original. Play it once to learn how, but play it again and again to get a good score!
Download Details: Drug Wars - Underworld
File Size:890 KB
Price:US$ 12.95
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Download ID:13150002
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:02-27-2003

PC Drug Wars Game - Underworld Key Features:

  • Standard '30-Day' game length and create your own characters.

  • Change locations using a map interface and violent and non-violent modes.

  • Buy, sell and drop any product and sort products by name, price or quantity.

  • Pay off loans, or take out a new ones, take up arms against your loan shark.

  • Open bank accounts and earn interest and visit the local hospital to heal up.

  • Purchase special items in the store, View, manage and sell back your items inventory and Get tips when you buy or sell product.

  • Fend of cops, mafia and gangs by fighting, running, surrendering or bribing and special opportunities to buy or sell at a special price.

  • View a history of your game and automatically export game stats after each game, to text or HTML.

  • Hundreds of statistics about each game, with charts and post scores online to compete against other players.

  • Customizable options for sounds, speed and more, Includes full documentation with help on every topic and automatic checking for upgrades.

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