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Shopping List! 4.0

Have you ever returned from the grocery store, unloaded and put everything away, and then realized that there's nothing for dinner? You didn't make a list, did you?

No more of that - Shopping List! helps you have a more productive day by planning what you want to do before you leave the house. Use it to make, well..., shopping lists (of course), or any other sort of list of things to do or things to remember!
Download Details: Shopping List!
File Size:2.92
Price:US$ 19.95
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Download ID:14110008
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:15-04-2004


* Saves you time at the store, because you can do most of your thinking at home, and then just breeze through the aisles and get what you listed - it makes any outing more productive!

* Easily create great-looking web pages to showcase your recipe collection! Select different page backgrounds, top & side graphics, font styles & colors, and quickly preview what the page will look like. You can either make different styles for each page, or automatically apply the same style to all with one mouse click! Click here for some sample output!

* Work on multiple lists over time - changes are always saved between sessions.

* Save those recipes that your family likes, and instantly add their ingredients to your list.

* Select large or normal print for both the list, and the program interface.

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