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CubeStudio 1.0

The fun begins with your free download of the CubeStudio Viewer/Demo. Enjoy the Aquarium Cube and install it as your screensaver and print out the ImageMatrix and try the craft. Email the cube file as a 3D email attachment. You can also view customized CyberCubes files sent to you by your friends. It's always more fun with your pictures.
Download Details: CubeStudio
File Size:694 KB
Price:US$ 19.95
Order:Buy Now
Download:Download Now
Download ID:14150005
System:Windows XP/2000
Update Date:09-11-2006


* The Cube Sides window shown here, loaded with the Sample Cube, is where you decide which picture to use and where on the cube it will be viewed. For example, I have a picture of a beautiful baby girl that I want to display on the front side of the cube. Just open the picture, position the "looking glass" on the area you want to capture in the "preview" window and replace the kitten on the front side of the cube.

* The Cube window shows the 3D Cube slowly turning and twisting allowing each picture to be viewed. You can "freeze" the motion by simply hitting the "Stop" button at any time. Plus you can manually control which side to see with the cursor in either mode.

* The Screensaver window shown here, is a screen shot capturing some of the motion of the ImageMatrix evolving into a 3D cube with see-thru edges. One button instantly installs this as your screen. Someone just sent you a 3D email attachment cube file? One click and it's your new screensaver for the day.

* To complete the tour of the CubeStudio, we have the ImageMatrix window. Print out the ImageMatrix in either origami of photo cube format. Construct a real 3D Cube in minutes. Great for kids of all ages!

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