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SeaTTY 1.0

SeaTTY a weather report desktop software to receive weather reports, navigational warnings and weather charts transmitted in RTTY, NAVTEX and HF-FAX (WEFAX) modes on longwave and shortwave bands. No additional hardware is required you need only a receiver and computer with a sound card.
Download Details: SeaTTY
File Size:1.06
Price:US$ 35.00
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Download ID:14150002
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:21-11-2003


The working area of the program is divided into several windows, the sizes of which can be changed by the user by dragging the borders.

The "SQL" button switches squelch on; The "AFC" button (auto frequency control) adjusts the long red lines (working frequencies) to the closest peak frequencies; The "Reverse/Normal" button defines decoded signal polarity and the "Mode" menu selects a working mode (RTTY, NAVTEX or HF-FAX).

The "Setup->Fast Sync in NAVTEX" menu option define synchronization method in NAVTEX mode; The "OnTop" button puts SeaTTY in front of all windows.

It writes all symbols received in RTTY and NAVTEX modes in raw log file in the "RAW_LOGS" folder. A name of log file is date-stamped. For example, "01-10-08.TXT" is raw log file for 08 October 2001.

All weather messages start with "ZCZC" sequence and finish by "NNNN" sequence. SeaTTY finds these sequences in symbol stream and writes messages separately in the "Messages" folder. A name of message file is time-stamped.

SeaTTY can decode signals from a WAVE-file, SeaTTY tries to define transmission speed in lines per minute (LPM) and image resolution (index of cooperation - IOC) automatically. If automatic detection is fail, SeaTTY use values from LPM and IOC fields.

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