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DreamCalc Scientific Calculator 3.40

DreamCalc Scientific Calculator is scientific calculator, financial calculator & graphing calculator all-in-one software which provides a fully featured and convenient alternative to using a separate hand-held calculator when you are working on your PC. Because it is software, it runs alongside your other applications, allowing you to copy values, lists, expressions and graphs.
Download Details: DreamCalc Scientific Calculator
File Size:3.27
Price:US$ 34.99
Order:Buy Now
Download:Download Now
Download ID:14120003
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:01-03-2006

DreamCalc Scientific Calculator General Features

* Algebraic & RPN Inputs
* Realistic User Interface & Skins
* Polynomial Solver
* Keyboard Input
* Complex Numbers
* Paper Roll Window
* Run from System Tray (optional)
* Engineering Modes
* Date Input & Calendar Functions
* International Number Formats
* Fixed Digit & Scientific Notation
* Natural Fraction Key (also converts any decimal to fraction)
* Multiple Memory Registers
* Degrees, Minutes & Seconds (DMS)
* On-Screen Display of Input Expression
* Help & Keyboard Hints
* Main Window Roll-Up
* Windows Clipboard Support
* Full Backspace & undo Capability
* Financial Keypad Area
* Comprehensive User Guide
* Hundreds of Supported Functions

Calculator for Graphing & Data Plots

* Plot any Function in Seconds
* Two Function Plots shown Simultaneously
* Scatter & Line Plots of X-Y Data
* Instant Line of Best Fit for X-Y Plots
* Pie Charts, Bar Charts, Histograms & Frequency Polygons
* Logarithmic Axes
* Polar Plots
* Drag & Zoom
* Axis Cursor Position Display
* Cash-Flow Charts
* Easily Export Charts & Data to other Applications
* More Powerful than many Dedicated Graphing Packages

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