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Music Database 1.0

Music Databse will allow you to create your own music database by entering all of your music into a database. The music can be on CD, Record or Tape. By placing all of your music into this database you will be able to instantly search for a specific song, Album, Or Artist.If you have a CD player with a large caddy you will be able to locate the album or song you wish to play in the database and then move the CD player to that album or song.
Download Details: Music Database
File Size:6.13
Price:US$ 20.00
Order:Buy Now
Download:Download Now
Download ID:14120008
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:10-16-2006


* You have several sort options for viewing your database.

* There are 7 different print options based on how you wish to sort the database.

* The program has built in spell checking for the data you enter.

* You can backup and restore the database, compact and convert the database.

* You can select different search criteria in order to retrieve the information you require.

* Included is a sample database for evaluating the program. You can find this on the main screen under the Menu Item Database tools.

* You can keep from buying duplicate albums or songs.

* You can find out right away if you have a particular song.

* You can find out what artist sang a particular song.

* Find out if you have a particular song by a certain artist.

* Where a song is located in your CD player. What number and what track.

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