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The Complete Genealogy Reporter 1.0

The Complete Genealogy Reporter enables users of genealogy software and websites to create comprehensive narrative reports from the contents of a standard GEDCOM file. The reports may be configured to incorporate some or all of the people and families recorded in the GEDCOM file.
The Complete Genealogy Reporter was created primarily to create full and comprehensive printed reports, both for personal reference and to give to family members who may not be adept with computer and genealogy tools.
Download Details: The Complete Genealogy Reporter
File Size:1.15 MB
Price:US$ 24.95
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Download ID:14140005
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:05-26-2006



* Full details of all aunts, uncles and cousins, and their descendants may be included
* Indirect branches may be included in the report. (Indirect branches are the relations of people who married into the subject's family.)
* The relationship to the subject of each reported individual is fully described. (e.g., "Second cousin by marriage, once removed")
* Children birthdates and occupation/residence events may be sorted by year (irrespective of the order recorded in the GEDCOM file)
* Unknown names may be rationalized into a standard form. (When this option is selected, unknown first names are reported as Mr. or Ms., and unknown last names are reported as "Unknown".)

Tree Charts

* Tree charts may be included in the report. These are shown as four-generation segments which are fully cross-referenced between themselves and with the narrative sections.

Notes & Media

* Notes may be included in the report; either in the main body as part of the person's detail, or as an appendix
* Picture media may be included as an appendix to the report.

Cross-Referencing, Indexing and Formatting

* All content is fully cross-referenced.
* A full alphabetical index of names may be included in the report.
* Book formatting options are available, for single-sided or two-sided printing, with adjustable margin offsets.

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