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JPEG File Explorer 1.5.45

The JPEG File Explorer is an image viewer, browser and converter. Supported image formats are JPEG, GIF, BMP/DIB, ICO, TIFF and AVI. Directory contents are displayed as thumbnails, which are created in a background thread. Popup view windows, slideshow function.

File manager functions make use of the Windows shell, Explorer-like user interface. Drag-and-drop support, copying/pasting files via Clipboard also possible. Directory contents are updated automatically.
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System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:09-30-2006

The program gives a detailed description of image properties. JPEG comments can be edited. Convert function (to JPEG, GIF and BMP). The JPEG File Explorer runs on all Win32 platforms.


Supported Image Formats

* JPEG Format Image Files (Baseline and progressive encoded)
* JPEG image processing is based on Jacques Nomssi Nzali's Pascal port PasJPEG v1.1.
* Compuserve GIF (87a, 89a, animated).
* GIF image processing is done by Anders Melanders Delphi component TGIFImage v2.0.
* Windows Bitmap (BMP, DIB, RLE)
* Windows Icon (ICO)
* Tagged Image Format (TIFF): for Intel and Motorola; uncompressed and LZW compressed; bilevel, palette, RGB and CMYK true color.
* Truevision (TGA)
* Paintbrush (PCX)
* Photoshop (PSD)
* Microsoft AVI (supported compression types depend on installed decompressors)
* PNG and WMF/EMF support is planned for future versions.


Thumbnail building and the extraction of image properties is done in an extra thread. So the program can process user input at the same time.

Quick Thumbnail Extraction

A special extraction technique makes it possible to extract thumbnails from JPEG files without decompressing the whole data.

Explorer-like User Interface

* The Explorer-like design and user interface makes the JPEG File Explorer easy to use:
* Context menus provide the most important commands,

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