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Site Sounds 1.0

Site Sounds Website Visitor Notification is a fun and useful program used to audibly and visually monitor the traffic on your website. Site Sounds consists of a small program that sits in your system tray, listening for incoming connections on the port your specify. You place one line of HTML code in the offsite pages you want to be monitored. When a visitor views those pages, the program plays a sound of your choosing to alert you. A small, pop-up window can also be made to appear at the bottom
Download Details: Site Sounds
File Size:8.08 MB
Price:US$ 19.95
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Download ID:15100038
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:12-15-2004

Key Features:

* Built in dynamic dyndns.org updater. If the user does not have a static IP, he can sign up for a free account at dyndns.org and obtain a dynamic IP name, such as yourname.homedns.org. Site Sounds will automatically update this IP with the current user IP, and the code which is inserted into web pages to communicate with Site Sounds will always point to the users current IP. Site Sounds automatic dyndns.org updater will check and update your IP a predefined interval.

* Can notify the user by Email, pop-up window or sound.

* Ability to assign alias names to URL's, making it easier to identify the source of each notification.

* Option to specify port on which the program listens for incoming connections.

* Ability to ban any IP from notification.

* Sortable listbox containing the current session's remote webpage activity.

* Option to run when Windows starts and minimize on startup Tray icon.

* Windows master sound volume slider integrated into the program.

* User may enabled database logging of every event and display real-time hitrate statistics on every event received.

* Option to turn off sound and/or visual cues.

* Integrated "WHOIS" component.

* Can monitor up to 100 web pages, assigning up to 100 unique sounds to the pages.

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