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MBS NetSaver 2.0.9

MBS NetSaver automatically monitors each and every connection to your ISP, calculates and displays the length of time and the cost of each session as the session is in progress. A comprehensive range of fixed, flat and variable ISP rates catered for. Configurable alarms warn you when you have exceeded your predefined monthly limits. It is simply the easiest way to track your Internet usage. No more surprises when you receive your ISP account each month!
Download Details: MBS NetSaver
File Size:946 KB
Price:US$ 18.00
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Download ID:15160010
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:10-18-2003

MBS NetSaver Key Features:

Automatically monitors your Internet connections. Simply continue using your favourite Internet browser and Email program. No special routines to run and easy installation and configuration. Designed for the home user.

Telephone toll rates and fixed, flat or variable rate ISP charges can be entered and can check your email server and announce new mail as it arrives. Preview the new mail headers without opening your mail program.

Display a Mini window on top of your desktop, or completely hide NetSaver to the Windows system tray and great for dial-up and dedicated access.

Monthly and session usage reports, as up-to-date as your current Internet session. Maintains a log of your usage and costs and automatically load NetSaver when Windows starts.

Configurable alarms to warn you when you exceed your specified time on the Internet, or exceed the amount of money you want to spend each month, launch other Windows applications when a session starts and full life-time upgrades and support when you register.

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