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Voice2Mail 1.0

The Voice2Mail plug-in will act as a dictaphone for you. It is quick, easy and personal.

* Make voice memos and swap them with your colleagues.
* Create musical greeting cards and add your voice to them.
* Record your conversations through Skype and MSN.
* Add a voice record to a person's contact.

No need to type anything to remember it!
Just click Record in the toolbar and speak your message!
Download Details: Voice2Mail
File Size:4.30 MB
Price:US$ 11.95
Order:Buy Now
Download:Download Now
Download ID:15160009
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:10-20-2006

Voice2Mail key features:

* Voice your reminders, tasks and business contacts in Microsoft Outlook
- You can add a voice memo to your reminders, tasks and contacts. It saves a lot of time from typing!

* Create a greeting card that contains music, or both, music and voice
- For that, turn on the sound mixing feature, and just play the music extract you like on your computer (by using WMPlayer, or any other sound device) and while recording your voice. See Voice2Mail Record dialog box, for information on how to turn on/off sound mixing.

* Send a voice mail - the recipient will hear your voice as soon as he or she opens the mail message
- The voice record is played back if the recipient opens your message with Microsoft Outlook.
Note: A new mail message is created in the HTML format. The message contains instruction for automatic playback of the voice message. This voice message is sent with the mail message as a concealed attachment.

* Use Voice2Mail to record your conversations through Skype and MSN
- You can record your conversations through Skype and MSN. You will need to turn on mixing and set the sound balance. Do not forget to test the sound balance level before you start recording an important conversation.
Note: Before you start recording an important conversation, we recommend that you test the sound level.

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