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Network Eagle Monitor 1.0

Network Eagle Monitor is a powerful network service monitoring software. It is able to monitor state of servers and various remote service over the network. In case the state of monitored object has changed, Network Eagle is able to send various notification events or perform some actions.
Download Details: Network Eagle Monitor
File Size:2.54 MB
Price:US$ 187.00
Order:Buy Now
Download:Download Now
Download ID:15180004
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:09-30-2003

With the help of Network Eagle you can easily administrate large networks with a lot of servers and hundreds users. Monitoring and automatic restarting of crucial network services, notification of your System Administrator Team using e-mail, pager, SMS alerts, so they can reflect and fix problem immediatly - all these tasks can be easily resolved with the help of Network Eagle application. Using Network Eagle in corporate network will lead to increasing stability to the work of network services and as a result you will save your money.

Network Eagle will be helpful not only for organizations with large networks. Individuals can also find this application useful in their day-to-day activity. One can easily track up/down state of his favorite internet sites and services. An ordinary situation - you have to download file from specified site as soon as possible, but this host is down. Don't waste your precious time checking this site again and again. Let Network Eagle waits instead of you.

Ping check;TCP port check;FTP check (existence of FTP directory or file);HTTP link existence (availability) check;Disk Space check;External Command Exit Code check.

Database check (ODBC or MS SQL server direct);Custom script execution check (JS, VBS, ActivePerl etc);Process check;Event Log check;NT Service check.

Execute shell command;Play specified sound;Send mail;Log event to Unix syslog daemon;Custom script execution alert (JS, VBS, ActivePerl etc);Write to Windows Event Log.

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