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AutoPix-CSV 5.2.0

If you are a serious scan collector you know what a hassle it is to pour over news group listings to find those items you need for a collection.

AutoPix-CSV will take the drudgery out of getting what you need from the news groups because it only downloads the files you need!Just point AutoPix-CSV to your CSV directory and your collection directory and the program will figure out which files you need and will download just the ones you need - automatically!
Download Details: AutoPix-CSV
File Size:9.22 MB
Price:US$ 20.00
Order:Buy Now
Download:Download Now
Download ID:15140013
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:04-13-2004

AutoPix-CSV Key Features:

* Only downloads what you need!
* Handles multi-part files!
* Supports Multiple News Servers
* Automatic download and decode
* Configurable picture types
* Easily handles server authentication (userid/password)
* Handles common encoding types, UUencode, Base64 (MIME), yEnc
* Built in image previewer with file delete capabilities
* View image full size with a single click!
* Set min/max lines that you want to receive
* Sender lockout capabilities
* Domain lockout capabilities
* Simple, user-friendly interface
* Instantly hide image previewer
* "Promote" groups while downloading
* Very inexpensive!
* Auto-start processing! (with "/auto" argument)
* Control the order that groups are processed
* Turn groups "off" without unsubscribing!

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