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Atomic Email Sender 2.36

Atomic Email Sender is a mass mailer, an utility to deliver e-mail messages directly to the recipients' mailboxes without your ISP mail server usage. This program accepts simple mailing lists as ASCII text files (.txt, .lst) or CSV-files (file with comma separated values). Atomic Mail Sender provides basic mailing list management routines: add new addresses, remove unused addresses, filter etc.
Download Details: Atomic Email Sender
File Size:1.20 MB
Price:US$ 59.85
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Download ID:15130032
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:12-18-2003

Key Features

Fast delivery Being an email user you have to use SMTP mail server to send messages. SMTP servers usually provide slower connection comparing other Internet services. AMS allows you to deliver email messages directly to recipients' mailboxes without using your ISP or third-party mail servers. Moreover, normally sending 10 messages you have to wait 10 times more than when sending 10 messages using AMS. AMS ensures 100% usage of your modem capabilities by establishing multiple connections. Ordinary email clients at the same time utilize less than 50% of available modem bandwidth. It is the most important advantage of a mass mailer..

Secured delivery Being a mass mailer, Atomic Mail Sender delivers e-mail without using your ISP resources (mailbox or mail server). Sending the mass email directly to recipient you exclude other Internet nodes from delivery route. Thus, nobody except the recipient can read the message. The messages do not go through your ISP mailing system; they are not logged there and cannot be stored. Therefore, sending mass e-mail using AMS guarantees that only you and your recipients will read the message.

Managed delivery Using AMS you can control the entire process of mailing. You can start sending email at any time you like, stop it whenever you want to and resume later. You can customize outgoing messages; imitate any popular mailer such as Microsoft Outlook or Eudora.

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