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look4me 1.0

look4me is an internet web spider, email extractor, fax spider and email sender software built upon advanced industrial strength scanning technologies. It is extremely powerful and flexible, allowing you to extract useful information from the internet quickly and easily.
Download Details: look4me
File Size:1.71 MB
Price:US$ 24.99
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Download ID:15130022
System:Windows XP/2000/98
Update Date:05-24-2006

look4me can be used to extract the following information :

* All emails from a particular website
* All emails from a list of websites
* Emails of relevant companies based on a keyword search
* Emails of relevant companies listed in a particular category of a directory
* Webpages linked by a particular site
* All webpages belonging to a website
* Relevant webpages of a particular keyword search
* All images belonging to a website
* Faxes and Phones belonging to a website

look4me has been desiged in such a way where it's operations can be composed to form a new operation. The output from one operation can be used easily as the input of another operation. It is also extremely flexible, allowing you to limit scanning to particular sites through the use of Human Guided Profiles. You will be able to filter off unnecessary paths and thus speed up the scanning operation significantly.

Uses of look4me

* Research and look for appropriate contacts in the relevant industries
* Research your competitors to see who they link to on their website
* Parse search engine results and return all the relvant hyperlinks
* Retrieve emails of all websites pertaining to a keyword search in any of the search engines
* Search for certain keywords on a particular site quickly and easily
* Find editorial emails automatically for your Press Release

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