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Mailing List King 4.35

With Mailing List King you can easily create, manage and communicate with the people interested in your web site, products or organization. Mailing List King adds mailing list server functionality to Outlook and MAPI compliant e-mail software (Outlook Express, Eudora, Netscape, etc). Allowing users to subscribe, unsubscribe and send to your mailing list groups, with full support for personalization of messages, sending of acknowledgements and processing of undeliverable messages.
Download Details: Mailing List King
File Size:1.89 MB
Price:US$ 49.00
Order:Buy Now
Download:Download Now
Download ID:15130035
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:03-09-2004

Mailing List Management - Mailing List King Key Features:

* Integrates with all popular Mailing List Management software
* Automatically processes relevant Subscribe, Unsubscribe and Modify messages and updates your mailing list
* Five different sending methods, including MAPI, OLE, SMTP and MLK's built-in SMTP Server (no other mail server is required)
* Send to your entire list or filter by group, country, new users, insert date, etc.
* Supports Plain text and HTML/Rich Text (with a plain text part) messages
* Retrieval of addresses from the message and contacts folder of your e-mail software
* Automatic processing of undeliverable ("bounced") messages
* Automatic processing of forms submitted from your web site
* Double Opt-In and Opt-Out support: Optionally require your users to confirm their subscribe or unsubscribe requests
* Discussion Groups: You can allow users to send to your mailing lists
* Display of graphs and statistics on mailing list membership
* Database can handle hundreds of thousands of entries

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