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Message Parse 1.0

Message Parse - Email is one of the most popular, easy and effective ways of communication. Most of your private or business information is delivered or received through the email messages. But are you able to share this important information with the multiple applications you use on your PC? how to extract information from email messages?From now on you can, with the new Message Parse Software Solution!
Download Details: Message Parse
File Size:4.64 MB
Price:US$ 79.95
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Download ID:15130024
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:06-29-2005

So how does Message Parse work?

* Message Parse was designed to retrieve information from your email messages and create user defined text documents, that can be imported by other programs such as databases, spreadsheets, accounting packages etc. The output file that the data is sent to is a delimited text file, each line representing a single record of data. This is a standard format that most database, spreadsheet and accounting programs can handle. Message Parse can also send the extracted data directly to a database table like Microsoft Access using ODBC connection. With the ability to filter which messages to process, as well as the ability to search for specific keywords and phrases, there is virtually no limit to how Message Parse can be used. The user friendly interface design, makes it easy to create templates that define how to get and store the information you want. You can get virtually any piece of information from your messages, including the data within file attachments.
* Using Message Parse is easy. You create templates that instruct the program what data to extract and where to find it. With the scripting capabilities of the program you can manipulate the extracted data the way you need it, or even add or remove data before it's sent out to the output file. Once your templates are created you can automate the process of running Message Parse by using a scheduler such as LaunchPad or AutoTask 2000.

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