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Speed Maillist Verify 6.0.3

Mass Email Program - Speed Maillist Verify is intended for e-mail addresses and mail lists verifying. The main task is to determine which of addresses in the mail list are dead. The program is oriented, basically, on programmers which have their own mail lists to inform their users about new versions of their programs.

The program works using the same algorithm as ISP mail systems do. Mail servers addresses for specified address are extracted from DNS.
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Download ID:15130017
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:06-22-2004

For example, there are about 850 emails in your mail list. About hundred of them are dead. The user can change his Internet Service Provider (ISP) and his own e-mail address. The dead addresses don't allow to determine the correct number of subscribers, and interfere with mail system working. After sending 850 messages you loose your time receiving hundred of your messages back with remark: beg pardon, but such address not exist??.

SMV can find about 90% of dead addresses - some mail systems receive all messages and only then see their addresses and if the address is dead send the message back with remark about it.

The program is multi-threaded; that provides the high speed of checking and allows to regulate the network traffic and your machine loading. SMV is for network administrators and experienced users - we hope that the program is powerful, simple and convenient.

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