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FTP Scheduler 7.3

This FTP utility was engineered with automation in mind. Strictly for businesses that require ftp'ng of files on a regular basis and requiring an audit trail to ensure data was Sent/Received as perceived. The utility can be used as middleware which is common place in business world when two or more products/applications are on different platforms.
Download Details: FTP Scheduler
File Size:1.61 MB
Price:US$ 25.00
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Download ID:15120017
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:03-08-2006

FTP Scheduler Key Features :

* Logging of FileName, Sizes & Dates
* Logging of Errors
* Allow/DisAllow Duplicate Uploads/Downloads
* Removal of Successfully Uploaded/Downloaded Files
* # of Retries till successful
* Wilcard Upload/Downloads
* 25% faster than most FTP CLients
* Robust Logic to improve reliability
* Compensates for Network failure
* Compatible with all FTP Servers
* Flexibility to "Send to" / "Receive from" any Drive on your system
* Compensates for FTP Server Lags
* Stores All Settings configured by the User
* Email Notify Status of Transfers to Users
* Displays Estimated time left for file transfer
* Process/Program Launcher

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