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WetSock 4.6

WetSock shows your current weather conditions and forecasts as an icon on the tray notification area of the system taskbar. For different weather conditions (such as clear, cloudy, rain, etc.), WetSock will change the system tray icon to represent the the current weather condition. A single mouse-click gets you the details plus the weather forecasts for your area. WetSock also displays weather warnings by notifying you with sight and sound.
Download Details: WetSock
File Size:1.26 MB
Price:US$ 12.00
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Download ID:15150014
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:06-08-2004


# The most important new feature in WetSock is the extremely accurate and detailed forecasts. These aviation forecasts, previously in the domain of pilots and other aviation professionals are now brought to you in plain language

# Detailed cloud cover information for both current conditions and 24-hour forecasts. It not only indicates the general status as "mostly cloudy", "partly cloudy", etc., but also displays in detail, cloud height, cloud coverage at each height and the type of clouds.

# WetSock supports monitoring multiple cities. You can have one or multiple tray icons indicating the weather in each city, or you can contain all your cities in a central control window, from which any and all weather information is only clicks away.

# A detailed weather information window gives a snapshot of every weather detail you could want about a city.

# Control over what kind of weather data you want to download for each city, lets WetSock to download relevant weather information for a city in mere seconds.

# WetSock can show information on over 3750 cities worldwide.

# It now supports 200 countries all over the world.

# With almost 1500 cities in USA, and over 820 cities in Canada, you can choose weather information pinpointed to your location.

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