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e-Surveiller 1.0

e-Surveiller is the world's most powerful software for monitoring and recording every detail of PC and Internet activity - in your home or in your office. In use in homes, offices, schools, libraries and even banks, e-Surveiller records both incoming and outgoing chats, instant messages, web sites visits, keystrokes typed, programs launched, files, documents and folders created, deleted, modified etc.
Download Details: e-Surveiller
File Size:3.79 MB
Price:US$ 34.95
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Download ID:15170050
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:05-22-2006

e-Surveiller Features:

Surveillance and Monitoring

* Remote Surveillance: Monitor computers on a LAN (home or office network), across the Internet or on a single/offline PC.
* User-Activity Monitoring: Monitors and logs all keystrokes along with the window in which they were typed, logs window titles of applications opened, file and folder changes, chat conversations, system activities such as shutdown, startup, logon, etc. with time and date stamps.
* Screen Viewing: With e-Surveiller, you can watch the monitored user's desktop LIVE as he/she is using the monitored computer.
* Log Transfer: Monitors can post log reports to you via email or FTP.
* Wide Compatibility Range: Monitors install and run on ALL versions of Windows
* Scalable Operation: Monitoring programs are generated and can have unique instructions for different computers.
e-Surveiller can effectively monitor a single computer to several computers from several locations -- even across the Internet!
* Very Inconspicuous:
Monitors will not slow down the monitored computer even when engaged in a screen viewing session.
Quiet installation option available for silent monitor installations.
Automatically starts when computer starts up.
Super stealth-monitoring operation.
* Easy Installation unto target computer

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