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Internet Tools > Online Privacy

IMBoss MSN Sniffer Monitor 1.0

IMBoss MSN Sniffer Monitor is a network visibility tool to capture conversations of a MSN chat in your local network. 'IMBoss MSN Sniffer Monitor' consists of a well-integrated set of functions that can be used to records MSN conversations automatically when your PC starts. 'IMBoss MSN Sniffer Monitor' can save all logs into database for provides rich-features report and finding system . You can export all intercepted messages to HTML files, Excel file with rich-features.
Download Details: IMBoss MSN Sniffer Monitor
File Size:1.53 MB
Price:US$ 99.99
Order:Buy Now
Download:Download Now
Download ID:15170041
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:08-24-2005

IMBoss MSN Sniffer Monitor key features :

* Automatic - You can enable the program to automatically start monitoring, at Windows startup;
* Report - provides rich-features report and finding system;
* Browse log - export all intercepted messages to HTML files, Excel file by rich-features;
* Privacy - You can set a hotkey to hide/show the monitor window and tray icon;

Why choose IMBoss MSN Sniffer Monitor?

* Company Managers - Supervise your employees' chating at work, and record the time and conversation details for later reference;
* Parents - Want to know what your children are most concerned?
* Couples - Monitor whom your partner is chat with and what they are talking about;

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