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Site Master 1.21

Site Master provides a powerful interface to your web site file system. Easy installation and intuitive interface make it irreplaceable tool for web site management on the web. The program is written entirely in Perl as a single file CGI script running under any platform where the Perl can be installed.
Download Details: Site Master
File Size:0.04 MB
Price:US$ 21.00
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Download ID:15170098
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:12-29-2003

Key Features

List files and directories based on relative or absolute path.

Sort the listing by any attribute.

Filter the listing using wildcards.

Create and rename directories and files.

Delete directories including all subdirectories and files of any sublevel.

Modify permissions (CHMOD).

Download files of any format and Upload files in bulk.

Copy & Paste any number of files including entire directory structures with a single click.

Compress files and directories (using zip and tar.gz formats).

Extract files and restore directory structures from compressed files of zip, tar.gz, tar and gz format.

Edit ASCII files saving them in either Unix (LF) or DOS (CR/LF) format.

Preview edited files as plain text or HTML file.

View files depending on its format. Images are shown as images, text files -- as text, etc.

Execute system commands and observe the result using built-in SHELL.

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