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Webroot Spy Sweeper 4.5

Webroot Spy Sweeper - Get serious about removing spyware with Spy Sweeper - the award-winning anti-spyware software trusted by millions of home computer users.

Spy Sweeper's advanced detection capabilities find spyware where it hides to make removing spyware a snap. You can feel confident that Spy Sweeper's cutting-edge Smart Shields block new spyware installations, helping you retake control of your computer and prevent future infections.
Download Details: Webroot Spy Sweeper
File Size:8.54 MB
Price:US$ 29.95
Order:Buy Now
Download:Download Now
Download ID:15170058
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:05-17-2006

Webroot Spy Sweeper Key Benefits:

* Stop Spyware from Wreaking Havoc your PC
Malicious spyware programs can make using your PC just unbearable. With Spy Sweeper's patent-pending spyware removal technology, you can put debilitating spyware programs out of business, including sophisticated threats that use "rootkit" technology to make detecting spyware ĘC and removing it ĘC all the more tricky.
This advanced and highly effective technology saves you time and effort by removing spyware, even the most vicious threats, in one sweep.

* Get Protected Against New Spyware Threats
Spyware writers release new programs so frequently that it makes detecting spyware threats as they emerge nearly impossible. But if you have Spy Sweeper, you have the best protection against these new threats.
This superior anti-spyware program uses FlexDef technology to identify and defeat emerging spyware threats without having a direct match to an existing spyware definition or signature. This technology protects you by dynamically defend against threats as they emerge.

* Smart Shield Protection
More than a dozen Smart Shields provide the most advanced proactive spyware protection by blocking attempted spyware installations before they happen so your system stays free from spyware's damaging effects.

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