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Musical Space Invaders Macintosh 2.0

Musical Space Invaders Macintosh for the Macintosh comes a long way since it was first introduced it back in 1993. If you are serious about music and music teaching, Musical Space Invaders is a must have. It is even worth getting one of those new Macs if you don't have one already! Just imagine showing up to a music lesson with a new iBook and a copy of Musical space Invaders on it.

Version 2.0 has a generous 800*600 screen size with giant full size notes.
Download Details: Musical Space Invaders Macintosh
File Size:1.57 MB
Price:US$ 25.00
Order:Buy Now
Download:Download Now
Download ID:20100001
System:Mac OS X
Update Date:10-08-2006

The full screen size makes reading music easy on the eyes and leaves plenty of room to fit a fully functioning graphic piano. This will enable you to use Musical Space Invaders without a midi keyboard. Complete "QuickTime Musical Instrument" support, will allow you to make music on your Mac without a Midi Synthesizer.

# Fast Fun High Action Styled Musical Arcade Game
# Exploit the Power of the new iBooks, iMacs and G4's
# Supports New High Speed USB Midi Devices
# Learn To Read Music While Having Fun
# Rapidly Improves Your Sight Reading
# Accommodates All Ages And Levels
# Create Unlimited Reusable Customized Lessons
# Improves Eye Hand Coordination
# Great Flexibility, Works With Midi Keyboard or Mouse
# Big 800 * 600 Pixel Screen Size For Easy Reading By All
# Completely Customizable makes the program work for you
# Handy Grade Database To Track Student Progress
# Optional Text To Speech!

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