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Taco HTML Edit 1.7.3

Taco HTML Edit is a full-featured HTML editor available for free. It is designed exclusively for Mac OS X and uses many of the core technologies built into Mac OS X including image transparency (in the image map wizard), toolbars, multithreading (for quick tag coloring), and much more. Taco HTML Edit includes the following features: Customizable tag coloring; Code Clips to keep track of frequently used HTML code; the ability to choose any browser for the preview browser; a menu for quick preview
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File Size:2.1 MB
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Download ID:20150002
System:Mac OS X
Update Date:01-20-2008

Tag Coloring

As you edit your document, Taco HTML Edit colors your markup to make it easier to read and navigate. The coloring is customizable; you can even set the background of your documents to be semi-transparent, so you can see windows behind the frontmost one. Taco HTML Edit supports coloring for HTML and PHP syntax. PHP coloring handles comments and quotes correctly.


Taco HTML Edit allows you to preview your HTML and PHP documents as you edit them. Taco HTML Edit provides a convenient menu for previewing in Camino, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, and Safari. You can also specify any application as the default application for previewing. When you preview a PHP document, Taco HTML Edit will first preprocess it with your local PHP installation, so that you can view the final results.

Syntax Checking

Taco HTML Edit supports HTML Transitional syntax checking, so you can ensure that there are no mistakes in your HTML documents. Taco HTML Edit also includes built-in support to check the syntax of HTML resulting from a processed PHP document. Taco HTML Edit can automatically organize the tags in your documents, so that your HTML tags are indented based on how deep they are nested.

Live Preview

In addition to normal document previewing, Taco HTML Edit has Live Previewing, which allows you to see changes in how your document renders while you are editting it.

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