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Font Pilot 1.0

Font Pilot - Choosing the right font for a project is essential when it comes to its presentation. We've all seen those cheesy used car commercials using a messy font like "Sand". Don't let that happen to you! Take control of your font collection. In the old days, before Font Pilot, you'd be stuck manually installing one font at a time and relaunching your programs until you found the one you liked. Not anymore!
Download Details: Font Pilot
File Size:6.32 MB
Price:US$ 15.95
Order:Buy Now
Download:Download Now
Download ID:20120002
System:Mac OS X
Update Date:03-12-2007

General Features

* View and print a character map with instant viewing of the first 256 characters for the font
* Print font list in style
* View fonts by file or family
* View fonts in a list by preview
* View a waterfall font preview
* Reveal fonts in the Finder
* Show all, system, user, classic, and computer fonts
* Preview font-style with colors and sizes
* Install Fonts
* Preview Fonts without installing
* Mac & PC key combos to produce characters
* Character ASCII, Binary, Octal, and Hex values
* Character Binary values
* View invisible fonts
* Rename font files based on their Postscript name
* Search for fonts by name, family, or file name

Font Details Present

* Name , Kind, Full Name, Postscript Name, QuickDraw Name, Unique Name, Style, Family, Encoding, Size on Disk, Creation Date, Modification Date, Description, Designer, Designer URL, Manufacturer, License, License Info URL, Vendor URL, Trademark, Copyright, Version, Path, Additional custom font fields

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