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Internet Cleanup 4.0

Monitor communications to and from your Mac, detect and remove surveillance software, control cookies, chat logs, and histories, securely erase files, and block pop-up and Flash ads.

Stop your personal information from being transmitted over the Internet. You choose what information you want protected, and only a password can unlock it. If you are tricked onto a non-secure web page, Internet Cleanup's Personal Info Protector will will block any of that info from being sent over the Internet.
Download Details: Internet Cleanup
File Size:18.4 MB
Price:US$ 29.99
Order:Buy Now
Download:Download Now
Download ID:20130002
System:Mac OS X
Update Date:01-20-2008

Who's Watching You?

Is that application secretly phoning home? Are you being tracked online? Surveillance spyware can be installed without your knowledge and can watch your every move. Doní»t give up your privacy. Safeguard your Mac online and offline with Internet Cleanup 4!

Detect and Eliminate Spyware

Now Selectively Block FLASH Ads

Sort and Toss Unwelcome Email Attachments

Cover Your Online Tracks

Stop Web Sites from Watching You

Make Sure Those Files are Truly Gone

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