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Sync2It BookmarkSync 1.0

Sync2It's BookmarkSync for Mac OS X is a private social bookmark community offering real-time automatic synchronization services that allow you to securely access your bookmarks, favorites and favorite files from any computer or any browser, anywhere in the world. You can access your links through mobile devices, RSS feeds, javascript syndication, JSON feeds, and more! It's the perfect tool for schools, teachers and students! (100 bookmarks or less). It supports JavaScript Bookmarklets!
Download Details: Sync2It BookmarkSync
File Size:209 KB
Price:US$ 14.95
Order:Buy Now
Download:Download Now
Download ID:20130001
System:Mac OS X
Update Date:09-29-2006

Sync2It's BookmarkSync for Mac OS X Key Features:

* Keep bookmarks in sync across your different computers and operating systems.

* No manual importing or exporting required!

* Keep your Netscape bookmarks and Internet Explorer favorites, your work and home links in sync.

* Share your bookmarks with friends, family, or school district.

* Search and browse the internet's best sites, hand-picked by other Sync2It users.

* Include a comprehensive, full-featured bookmark manager utility.

* Effortlessly upgrade your new computer's favorites!

* Handheld friendly access for wireless devices.

* Dead and out of date links are automatically reported.

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