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Mac Cleanse 1.0

What if you accidentally delete a crucial file and lose important data? Don't take the risk. Let Mac Cleanse carefully and precisely scan and incinerate only what you choose.

Wether you've been gift shopping online, discussing confidential business matters, visiting inappropriate web sites, or just want to clean out your system, Mac Cleanse is your savior. Unlike some other privacy protection tools which go through your system with brute force, Mac Cleanse has been thoroughly tested.
Download Details: Mac Cleanse
File Size:4.37 MB
Price:US$ 19.95
Order:Buy Now
Download:Download Now
Download ID:20170006
System:Mac OS X
Update Date:03-12-2007


# Cleans the Navigation Services:

# Cleans the Finder:

# Cleans the System:
All Computer Caches, All System Caches, All Crash Reporter Logs, All Current User Logs, Apple File Service Logs, Console Logs, Crash Reporter Logs, Cron Logs, CUPS Access Logs, CUPS Error Logs, Fax Logs, FTP Logs, Install Logs, IPFW Logs, Lookupd Logs, LPR Logs, Mail Logs, NetInfo Logs, PPP Logs, Samba Logs, Security Server Logs, Software Update Logs, System Logs, Web Server Access Logs, Web Server Error Logs, Window Server Logs, Archived Logs

# Cleans Camino:
Cookies, Download List, Page History, Site Icons, Web Site Cache

# Cleans FireFox:
Cookies, Downloads List, Form Values, Page History, Web Site Cache

# Cleans Internet Explorer:
Downloads List, Downloads Cache, Page History, Temporary Files, Web Site Cache

# Cleans Instant Messengers:
Adium Chat History, Adium Contact Details, Adium Contact List Cache, AIM Buddy Cache, AIM Cache, AIM Chat History, AIM Icon Cache, ICQ Logs, ICQ Chat History, Fire Chat History, iChat History, MSN Messenger Chat History, MSN Messenger User Cache, Proteus Chat History, Skype Chat History

# Cleans Netscape:
Cookies Downloads List, Page History, Web Site Cache

# Cleans Opera:
Cookies, Downloads List, Page History, Site Icons, Web Site Cache

# Cleans Safari:
Cookies, Downloads List, Form Values, Page History, Recent Searches, Site Icons, Web Site Cache

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