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ViaDVD 1.0

ViaDVD is a feature rich easy to use DVD Video encoding, authoring and burning program for Windows. Turn music, photos and videos into DVD movie titles recorded directly to CD or DVD R/RW disc. Play your recorded DVD titles on PC or Mac or on TV using DVD player. Learn and master the intuitive user interface in minutes. See how 2 simple operations turn any AVI, MOV, or MPG file into a finished DVD disc.
Download Details: ViaDVD
File Size:19.94 M MB
Price:US$ 24.95
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Download ID:16110076
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:09-06-2004

  • Unlimited menus using any mix of photographic still or video backgrounds with or without audio, from 1 to 36 buttons per menu, either flat and hierarchical menu systems, menu linking by use of Next, Previous and Return buttons, menu times outs, highlighted roll over button effects, text and highlighted text buttons and much more.

  • Automated Transcoding of non-compliant content files to DVD ready format with filtering if necessary is provided for. Filters for frame rate conversion, sample size conversion, sample rate conversion, color space conversion, and frame size conversion are built into this automated process.

  • Visual video chapter editor with automated scene detection feature speeds and simplifies the task of assigning chapters to video streams. Enhanced chapter features allow chapter ommision, out of sequence chapter play, random chapter play, shuffle mode chapter play, and exclusive chapter play are a few of the chapter programming capabilities.

  • Multiple video tracks to the maximum of 99 allowed by DVD, subdivided into 1 to 99 chapters.

  • Create hybrid DVD discs comprised of both a DVDVideo title authoring using ViaDVD and other DVD-ROM content files authored using suitable 3rd party tools.

  • Write directly to all DVD R and RW recorders, to most CD R and RW recorders and to all DLT tape drives.

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