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Easyscreen 3.55g

Capture anything that shows on your computer screen! Capture the entire screen or part of the screen, then either print it, save it, or even pass it into PC Paintbrush for modifying or editing. And save any part of your screen as a JPEG image.
Download Details: Easyscreen
File Size:585 KB
Price:US$ 18.95
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Download ID:16150073
System:Windows XP/2000
Update Date:08-12-2003

Easyscreen Key Features:

  • Capture and save anything that shows on your computer screen.

  • Save an "area" of the screen if you wish (crop).

  • Print your screen.

  • Convert any image into a JPEG image.

  • Ability to capture only the top window showing.

  • Ability to convert an entire folder of images into JPEG's with one click.

  • Pass any image directly into PC Paintbrush for modifying, printing, editing .

  • Ability to capture pull-down menus on other applications.

  • Embed text messages directly into saved images.

  • Paste cropped images directly into the windows clipboard.

  • Capture any new screen with one button click.

  • Capture only top windows if you wish.

  • Runs on all Windows systems.

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