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Image Broadway 4.5

A World-class Image Editor for beginners and professionals! It is powerful enough for graphic designers, Webmasters, and photographers yet simple enough home users who want to fine tune photos or graphics.
Download Details: Image Broadway
File Size:10.0 MB
Price:US$ 69.95
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Download:Download Now
Download ID:16150028
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:02-04-2004

Image Broadway Features

  • Fix your photos Retouching tools give you high quality results with interactive touch-ups, one click red-eye correction, repairing, and increasing depth of field of areas on your images.

  • Adjust the color of your picture Color Corrections and Tonal Adjustments let you analyze color balance, help you with perceptual evaluation, and provide you with auto correction and enhancement capabilities.

  • Straighten out your images with Crop, Rotate, Scale & Perspective Tools that let you quickly select an Object and align it with on-screen guides and measurements.

  • Make Buttons, Logos and 3-D Images with Rendering Tools that let you enhance your images with perspective views.

  • Make collages and panoramas with Filters, Transparency and Composition Tools, and extend your creative mind.

  • Easily manage your images with side-by-side Thumbnail Galleries and Working windows. Start working on your images with only one click.

  • Reduce image file sizes with Optimization Tools. Use advanced image processing technology to reduce image file sizes up to 90% while still keeping vibrant colors.

  • Make a clickable image with Image Map Tools. Mark an image into clickable areas and match them with respective URLs, an ideal tool for creating interactive graphics.

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