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Photofit Harmony 1.0

Panorama stititching software, PhotoFit is a high performance panoramic photo stitching software, or panorama photo converter, equipped with high precision multi-row panorama stitching technology. PhotoFit stitches up panorama photo automatically from small images.
Download Details: Photofit Harmony
File Size:11.3 MB
Price:US$ 52.00
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Download ID:16150059
System:Windows All
Update Date:10-21-2004

Stitch your digital camera (digicam) photos togather and get a single, wide and large, seamless panorama picture with PhotoFit.

Photofit Harmony - Features

  • Full automatic focal length detection,---no lens data file nor manual input.

  • Auto-stitching or D&D-stitching selectable.

  • Horizontal panoramas, Vertical panoramas, 360 degree panorama, and Whole panoramas

  • PhotoFit original "Ultra Wide Linear" view.

  • Automatic adjusting with tilted or rotated images.

  • Pin-point color matching.

  • Panorama view (cylindrical), Linear view (flat) and Fisheye view.

  • Reads and writes BMP, JPG, TIFF and PNG formats.

  • Anti-distortion algorithm making straight line straight.

  • Output to QTVR format.

  • Easy and exact perspective correction--- provides the best quality of output image.

  • Various image sources. Digital camera images, scanned film images or scanned document images.

  • Saves project-file to recreate construction on later.

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