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AutoImager 3.03

Batch image processing/conversion software supporting 70+ formats and operations. Multi-page image conversion and processing is fully supported. Formats include AFP, ANI, AVI, AWD, BMP, CAL, CGM, CLP, CMP and more.
Download Details: AutoImager
File Size:17.3 MB
Price:US$ 60.00
Order:Buy Now
Download:Download Now
Download ID:16160018
System:Windows Vista/XP/2000
Update Date:05-12-2003

AutoImager - Features

  • Available features: Auto-Trim, Crop, Deskew, Flip, Mirror, Resample, Resize, Rotate, Shear, Add Noise, Anti-Alias, Average, Bending, Border Remove, Brightness, Buttonize, Color Resolution, Colored Gray, Contour, Contrast, Cylindrical, Despeckle, Dilate, Dot Remove, DPI Resolution, Edge Detector, Emboss, Erode, Etch, Gamma Correct, Gaussian Blur, Glow, Gradient, Grayscale, Half-Tone, HistoContrast, Hole Punch Remove, Hue, Impressionist, Intensity Detect, Invert, Invert Text, Laplacian, Line Remove, Line Segment, Max Filter, Median, Min Filter, Mosaic, Motion Blur, Multiply, Oilify, Old Photo, Pixelate, Polar, Posterize, Prewitt, Punch, Radial Wave, Ripple, Saturation, Sharpen, Smooth, Sobel, Solarize, Swirl, Unsharp, Wave, and more!

  • Each image will be automatically handled, with the appropriate editing, processing, or conversion applied. For example, resize image/picture/jpegs, resize photos or apply photo enhance filters.

  • Supports over 70 different graphic image formats.

  • Gives you a wide variety of ways to enhance, alter and convert images.

  • All operations can be performed in batch mode for an entire list of selected images. Image lists can be saved and loaded again at a later time.

  • All processing and conversion operations have numerous options that can be optionally set for maximum control.

  • AutoImager also offers complete command-line support.

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