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Makaha 6.1

With Makaha, you get a viewer, editor, graphics compressor, GIF and AVI animation creator, video viewer, slide show, and thumbnail viewer all in one professional package. If you're dealing with graphics, why keep switching programs when Makaha can replace all the above programs and more.
Download Details: Makaha
File Size:5.19 MB
Price:US$ 49.95
Order:Buy Now
Download:Download Now
Download ID:16160063
System:Windows All
Update Date:04-04-2004


  • The most powerful File Selector it its field.

  • Instant Slide (turns any group of files into a slide show).

  • File Compression up to 200 times smaller then original size.

  • Supports major (most) Plug-ins, Thumbnails and Thumbnail sets, E-Mail Graphics, Add Waternarks, Visual Editor!

  • Twain Scanning - Digital Cameras - Frame Grabbers.

  • Image Processing (contrast, hue, brightness, gamma, +), Filters (sobel, prewitt, edge, +), Effects (oil, emboss, mosiac, +).

  • Batch: Convert Graphics, Rename, Resize. Copy, Move, Erase, Thumbnail.

  • Resize graphics, Pixel Search & Replace, Color Conversion, Progressive JPEG, Zoom * Drag Zoom * Clip * Flip.

  • Top, Desktop, Window, Captures, View Icons and convert to BMP, Color Picker (full screen) and Clipboard Viewer.

  • Slide Show supports video, graphic and MP3 music, Internet Clickable Map Maker, Videos supported (AVI, MPEG, MOV, SWF(flash), VIV).

  • Vivo video support - hard drive or internet, Videos-Adjustable size screen and Create and view GIF and AVI animations.

  • View graphics inside ZIP files before you unzip them.

  • Printer setup, Supports Multi-Monitors.

  • View graphics inside ZIP files before you unzip them.

  • AutoSave feature (just click and save), Read/Extract ZIP files.

  • Add WAVE, MIDI or MP3-MP2 music to your Slide Show & Screen Save

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