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Firestreamer-DV (Digital Video) 1.0

Firestreamer-DV (Digital Video) - The Firestreamer software makes your DV recorder appear as a regular tape drive to other applications running on your computer, so that you can use the powerful Windows Backup Utility to back up and restore your files and folders to and from videotape.

You can store up to 15 Gigabytes of data to a Mini-DV cassette, or more with the built-in compression enabled. The backup and restore are fully automated, as with a normal tape drive.
Download Details: Firestreamer-DV (Digital Video)
File Size:1.15 MB
Price:US$ 46.00
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Download:Download Now
Download ID:16120106
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:03-23-2004

The Backup Utility is a native part of your Windows operating system and has the following advantages:

  • It maintains on-media and on-disk backup catalogs to ensure fast and reliable restore.

  • It has internal knowledge of the Windows file systems to do its job right.

  • It can back up and restore system files protected with Windows File Protection.

  • It is simple yet powerful and very well documented.

  • It creates a volume shadow copy of your data to create an accurate point-in-time copy of the contents of your hard drive, including any open files or files that are being used by the system. You can continue to access the system while the Backup Utility is running without risking loss of data.

  • It allows you to select between five backup types: copy, daily, differential, incremental, and normal.

  • It can restrict access to a backup set, so that only an administrator or the person who created the backup set will be able to restore the files and folders.

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