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Capturix VideoSpy 2007

In our days security is important not only for public places and businesses but also for our home; fortunately today, video surveillance has become one of the most important ways to protect property. Capturix VideoSpy is a professional surveillance system which can record video and audio you can remotely access to your home via internet. It supports any video capture device VFW (Video for Windows), WDM, FEB, WNV and even the computer screen can be watched.
Download Details: Capturix VideoSpy
File Size:9.15 MB
Price:US$ 39.00
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Download ID:16130011
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:09-11-2006

Capturix VideoSpy allows you to record all video activity with a programmed schedule, insert data in picture, work as a motion detector, record sound, have events trigger program alerts. Lights, sensors and electronic devices by using Capturix open source ActiveX give users the tools to create their own devices.

  • Support motorized cameras: using a standard joystick you can control all your surveillance cameras.

  • Remote access - You can connect to your remote system in order to activate alerts, electric devices and see recorded images in video archive or even get live images from all your cameras connected to this system using a WEB BROWSER like Internet Explorer or Netscape.

  • With IP poster you can send a redirection page to an FTP server and have your dynamic ip address computer available anywhere.

  • An Administrator password prevents normal users from changing settings or disconnecting devices.

  • All application states, user actions can be saved as an Activity Log file all actions and events can used to search for a image on media archive. You can even capture the screen of the computer -- this can be especially useful if your computer is shared among several people. This application can be integrated with POS or Access Controls to record/show data on video.

  • You can control lights, air conditioning systems and all other electrical systems

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