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Enhanced ListView 1.90

Enhanced ListView (ELV) is an OCX built around microsoft's listview 6.0 (mscomctl.ocx). It has been written in VB6 for VB6 applications though it can be used also in .NET projects inserting it as a COM object.
This project was an attempt to create a hierarchical control mixing ListView and TreeView features.
It's very simple to use and to replace to standard ListView since i tried to keep same functions and properties when possible.
Download Details: Enhanced ListView
File Size:245 KB
Price:US$ 99.00
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Download ID:17100010
System:Windows XP/2000/NT/98/Me
Update Date:01-04-2004


Edit any item or subitem with a textbox, combobox.

Add subitem icons.

Hierarchical display.

Full appearance customization: select highlight color, items and subitems back/fore color, header forecolor.

New methods allow to lock/unlock column with, to lock/unlock item or subitem editing ...

Auto sort on click according to data type (string, numerical, date).

New set of events like: ColRightClick, ColDblClick, ColDividerDblClick, ItemPrePaint, HorScroll, VerScroll ...

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