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How to kill back door Trojan virus

Kill back door Trojan virus for protecting your computer.

Back door is an undocumented way to get access to a computer system or the data it contains. It may be used to locate password information or make the system more vulnerable to future entry or simply destroy programs or data on the hard disk.

This method is usually only known to a few people, such as the author of the program. The presence of a back door greatly reduces the reliability of the implementation of an encryption algorithm.

Most anti Trojan software can kill back door Trojan virus, so we introduce the software to tell you how to kill back door Trojan virus.

buy Download Anti Trojan Shield here

Here is one of killing back door Trojan virus software, tell you how to remove back door Trojan virus.

Step 1. Download Anti Trojan Shield here.

Step 2. Once you have installed Anti-Trojan Shield, you would have Anti-Trojan Shield folder in the Start menu. To quickly start checking for Trojans, perform the following actions:
  1. Start Anti-Trojan Shield (Start->Programs->Anti-Trojan Shield->Anti-Trojan Shield)
  2. Choose the drive or the folder you want to scan from the main window
  3. Press the "Start" button. The scanning process begins
If the module is ON the icon is green, otherwise it turns gray.

Step 3. Having found a Trojan, Anti-Trojan Shield will display the file name in list of infected files. If you would like to get additional information about the found Trojan, please select it and click on the 'Info' button. This will redirect you to our online Trojan encyclopedia with description of the particular Trojan horse.

Step 4. Having checked the box to the left on the name of the Trojan, press "Del" in order to delete the Trojan including any tails it may have on you computer.
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